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The Roots of...

Get to know a little more about us & our Nature Nurture!

Nature Nurture is here for you to work on your whole being through lifestyle programs & activities and also inner- and energiework. As we mentioned: all is connected, all levels of being will resonate! Let nature and the elements be our guides with every step through this journey of selfhealing.

But how did Nature Nurture came to existence? What are her roots? Scroll down and read it here in Root information.



Bodil Aina van Groningen à Stuling - Vlaar

"I was born in 1989. With a youth spent mostly outide were I felt most alive and connected (still do!). Always busy playing in the elements, moving my body in a playful way and giving all my fantasies a place in this world. And if I wasn't outside, I was with my head hovering over a piece of paper on which I was drawing or painting. Also making my own figures from clay to play with. Yes, life was good. I still am a very creative creature. I got diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1 when I was only one and a half years old. While growing up, living with this condition was not a real burden. But getting older and having so many responsibilities and finding your place where you fit in society, made the burden of playig your own organ alot heavier. Plus I was having a hard time trying to fit into society and having peace with the fact that I felt like a total misfit. After healing from alot of old wounds, hand in hand with new technology, finding my rythm with my bloodsuggars and my place in this world has gotten alot easier. And Yes, I have found my place in this world, as you can see here! ​ I was always connected to the energy- and spirit world, even though I did not always welcomed it. It was only later, after I got into a huge burn-out and depression, that these world opened up to me once again, or I opend up for them again. I needed to embrace these parts again for my healing. Since I was always in contact with my body (not only for my diabetes, but also because being inside my body and not my head is where my strength and healing is), nutrition and fitness/outdoor sports were (and are!) absolutely my thing. And so I started studying Nutrition & Dietetics, after a long search and alot of other Studies. So I started and finished a bachelor degree to get the title Dietician!". Back in 2021 Bodil got her bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Nutrition and Dietetics) and with that has the title Dietician with certificates in Fitness and Sports. And with the way her study career unfolded, she could now put all of her experiences, qualities, strenghts and knowlegde to share into her own company.



Jeremy Justin Vlaar - van Groningen à Stuling

"I was born in 1988. I have lived most of my life here, where we live now: at the Noordlaarderbos (the woods). As a child, I spent my days mostly outdoors: going on adventures in the woods and playing between the horses here on the farm. It was amazing and I don't feel like I missed anything, living at such a location. When I got older we moved to a different house. Here the world of computers open up more for me. When I met Bodil, I got reconnected again with the outdoors world and the world of energy & spirit and together our paths walked with one foot in this beautiful adventurous & energetic outdoors life and another foot in the 'real world', where I found work in ICT. Staying connected with my body & nature and being busy building & creating is what keeps me in my centre. And I learned that being connected to others and to witnes and be a part of their path to healing, is very healing itself". Although Jeremys' daytime job is in the world of ICT, he knows alot about and is very talanted in Fitness & Sports. He's in love and flows with nature. A 'shaman in blood' and is a very sensitive & empathic man with a very good listening ear! He's also very very very body- and energy conscious. He can guide you well with your physical activities and also with what moves your innerworld.

& Jeremy

Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina

The Body is the perfect vessal: connected to the whole; the here and now and is constantly communicating with you and all dimensions of being. You could place health/being in 4 dimensions: the physical, the psycological, the emotional & the spiritual. Working in one dimension, will resonate in the others, because all are connected. The physical, for example, being: nature, movement, a healthy lifestyle; These are all elements and tools that can be used to get you back to your balance, back to your centre. Your centre, the journey towards it and the centre itself is were healing happens. We have learned this not only from (scientific) literature and research, but especially from our own experience: Back in 2017, Bodil got into a deep depression and a heavy burn-out. She had to stop studying for two years to find her centre again and heal from old wounds. She did, with the utmost best support of Jeremy, who made this journey together with her. Tools and her biggest friends during that period to get out of panic attacks, were being in nature and physical activities. Litterly moving the emotion out of her body and afterwards coming in this place of silence: rest & inner peace. From this experience she finished her study to become a dietitian with creating a own concept to help others find back their balance again in the same way: by letting nature nurture you in your lifestyle and find your inner centre and balance. Bodil & Jeremy work together very well and we bring a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy to create and hold a save space for you to be, explore and feel supported. We have always lived a life in contact with the physical- & the spiritual world. At the end of 2021 we have started hosting sweatlodge ceremonies which not only connected us to alot of beautiful souls, these ceremonies also helped alot of people on their way through life. This all together, is the reason why we host activities based on lifestyle & inner growth. Feel welcome to visit us at the edge of the Noordlaarderwoods. Our adres is: Beslotenveenseweg 4979TL Noordlaren

Location and extra's

||| Location |||

We live on the Beslotenveenseweg 4 9479 TL Noordlaren, right at the egde of the woods (Noordlaarderbos). It's an old and simple farm, with alot of space and so close to nature with all it's inhabitants.

Here we live with alot of animals: dogs, horses, alot of chicken and our own babies being 2 cats and 2 cockatiels, Majin & Mo Mo 🐈 Kieb & Coco 🦜

Our garden is a cozy Wellness Garden with a sauna, (simple) swimmingpool, lounge area and the sweatlogde.

||| Environment |||

Bodil & Jeremy can tell you more about this area, the activities and the exact locations around and in the Noordlaarderbos (woods). Here is some information in case you are here to relax during a retreat, event or for example Work & Wellness.

Our location is located in the UNESCO global Geopark de Hondsrug & National Park the Drentsche Aa.

For the nature lovers:
The area around our location is very rural and wooded, ideal for hikes!

  • the Polder (where White Tailed Eagles have their nest!)

  • the Appelbergen

  • the Noordlaarderbos

  • the Vijftigbunder

 and you can continue on and on from there, there is alot more


 There are 3 area's where you can go for a swim in nature:

  • there is a beautiful sunbathing area by Meerzicht Zuidlaardermeer (lake)

  • het Zandgat in Zuidlaren: old sand excavation with clear water and alot of fish (the smaller ones will come and give you a spa treatment when you sit still in the water!)

  • the Drentse Aa: a part of the stream where you can enter the water

The towns and cities with shops & restaurants nearby are these:

  • Zuidlaren (town) +/- 5km

  • Haren (town) +/- 7km

  • Groningen (city) +/- 12km

  • Assen (city) +/- 15km

On the start of the road Beslotenveenseweg, there is de Blankehoeve, a café restaurant. In the Appelbergen there is de Paviljoen Appelbergen, where you can eat and drink while you are on your hike.
You can rent bikes in Zuidlaren. There is also Midlaren (on your way to Zuidlaren), you can rent boats there at de
Bloemert and Paviljoen Meerzicht and there is are 3 restaurants.

If there is anything alse you would like to know about the area and if there are any specific activitie, please contact Bodil & Jeremy.

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