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Nature Nuture Nutrition

Nurture yourself according to your nature

Here you find all the services we offer that are focused on nutrition.

Either outside in the garden or indoors. We have got a beautiful living room and in the future we will have a room inside the house where all these activities can take place in a save and welcoming space.

Resources that are availalbe and activities we offer around nutrition:

- Dietic consultations - Space outside & inside for consultations, nutrition related workshops and lessons - Literature - Educational tools - Kumbucha SCOBY's & water kefir crystals - Alot of knowledge & expirience


    Take a look:    


Price per hour        €60

Intake: 1 hour

Consultation: +/- 45 min 

Follow-up: +/- 20 min

Location: on location


- filled in food diery of atleast 3 days

- filled in intake list

*Dietetics are part of healthcare. Check with your health insurance company whether this is reimbursed.

Bring harmony & balance to your food habits


With Nature Nuture Dietics we will take a deep dive and good look at your food habits and dietary intake and see if there is room for changes that will improve your health and therefor restore your balance. Nature Nurture Dietetics consists 4 or 5 sessions: - a free introductory meeting - an intake - a consultation - 1 or 2 follow-up consultations After the free introdutory meeting I will send you a food diery and an intake form which you both have to fill in before the intake.


Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Nutrition? Please contact us!

Nurture yourself...

...while looking at these pictures!

Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -43_Chapter 7 - nourishing closure.jpg

Extra Financial Information

Dietetics are covered by healthcare and are therefore reimbursed by some health insurance policies. Inform your health insurance company whether and to what extent costs are reimbursed.


Are you not financially strong at the moment? Contact us! Then we can see from there what the possibilities are. We know what it's like to get by with little finances and don't want you to feel inhibited by your own financial situation.

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