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Nature Nuture Flow, Slow & Grow

Move what's inside of you, sink into it and relax to the fullest. Either in movement or in stillness

Here you find all the services we offer that are focused on relaxation & meditation.
Either outdoors or indoors. We have got a beautiful living room and in the future we will have a room inside the house where all these activities can take place in a save and welcoming space.

Resources that are availalbe and activities we offer involving relaxation and meditation:

- Sauna - Healy and other frequency therapy - Meditation - Stretching exercises - Flexibility exercises - Aromatherapy - Sauna (under construction) - Ceremonies - Creating save spaces and holding space - Drum and singing circles - Talk and share circles


    Take a look:    


Price                  40

Duration: 1 hour
Location: on location

Anything that makes you more comfortable and relaxed, like a blanket, pillow, pluche animal, gemstones. Anything that works for you.


  Let frequenties, senses and meditation take you to a deeper level of being. A road to selfhealing

Nature Nurture Vibrant is a session with all kinds of healing frequencies. The goal is to activate your self healing abilities and stimulate your whole being with balanced frequencies: healing any disturbed frequencies on different levels due to physical, emotional or mental stess. It will help you find balance on all levels and bring you in a deep state of relaxation and connection with Self. A Nature Nurture Vibrant session takes about an hour. You will be laying comfortable in a cosy room while being connected to/wrapped in materials or devices that emit a certain frequency. We’ll adjust the frequencies to what you need most at the moment of our appointment (from zero-point to specific healing frequencies). Next to that we work with sounds, music, aromas and touch to reach that state of relaxation & healing. All will be adjusted to your needs that we will discuss beforehand. It's also possible to do a card reading during this session!


Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Flow, Slow & Grow? Please contact us!

Sink into yourself...

...while looking at these pictures!

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Nature Nurture Movement PNG_edited.png

Extra Financial Information

Are you not financially strong at the moment? Contact us! Then we can see from there what the possibilities are. We know what it's like to get by with little finances and don't want you to feel inhibited by your own financial situation.

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