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Nature Nurture Wholistic

A complete program & a ceremony for the physical & energetical levels of your being. Resonating with all layers in between

A complete program

A sacred purification ceremony

Nature Nurture Lifestyle Balance

Nutrition, movement and relaxation & meditation

Nature Nurture Lifestyle Balance is a personal program, adjusted to your needs and wishes.

The program includes:

  • An intake

  • Dietic & lifestyle consultation

  • A personal plan for your lifestyle and inner growth (either with or without further services that we offer)

See the list with option examples below to get an idea of what the possibilities are!






When you sign-up for Nature Nurture Lifestyle Balance we will do an intake in which we will get a clear view of your lifestyle. This includes your food habits, physical activities, relaxation & meditation habits & practises and other relevant information that involve your lifestyle and daily life. During this intake we will also formulate all your questions, wishes, needs and intentions. ​ In the following appointment we will share the results of the intake: your nutritional intake, physical activities & physical needs and your needs for relaxation. You will get advice on all these lifestyle aspect, based on your needs and wishes and from that advice we will create a plan that will help you reach the disired outcome. ​ After these consultations the continuation of the program is personalized. You could chose to end the sessions here, or you could chose to include other services we offer from Nature Nurture Movement and Flow, Slow and Grow in your plan to get guidance and coaching while working on your balance and health.

Dietetic & Lifestyle
consultations only

This program only contains the consultations. It contains 3 or 4 sessions in which you will get a clear few on your habits and we will create a plan that will help you get more in balance within your lifestyle (physical & spiritual). You will have to fill in a form and a food diery so we can gather information about your lifestyle. ​ Price: TBA

Dietetic & Lifestyle consultations
activities from Movement
Flow, Slow & Grow

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If you chose for this one, you are chosing to go with your flow after the consultations and take a bootcamp lesson/PT or relaxation & meditation practise when you feel like it. This way you wil still get some guidance, but only when you feel you need it. Price consultations TBA Everything else: see Bootcamp, Personal Training, Nature Nurture Flow Slow and Grow or the Pricelist-page

Dietetic & Lifestyle consultations

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With this option you will get the full consultations and advices like the shortest program. Next to that you will get to train together with others in a playful, adventurous and mostly outdoor bootcamp with a large variaty of different kinds of sports and environments. This one does not include personal guidance and coaching with your nutritional intake or relaxation and meditation practises. Only advice and creating a plan. Price consultations: €60 p/h Price bootcamp: €10 per lesson / €100 for 12 lessons

Full Weekly Programm
1-on-1 guidance

Personal growth

If you opt for the full program you will receive 1.5 hours of guidance, training and coaching every week. We will spend part of the time (±15 min) on questions about and guidance with your dietary habits, you will receive personal training with varied exercises and types of sports tuned in to your needs at that time (±60 min) and relaxation and meditation practices (±15 min). We will also offer you a Sweatlodge Ceremony each season for cleansing, personal growth and to set new intentions. Price: €60 p/h for the consultations. From there forth €40 p/u.

Want to feel if this is something for you? Then sign-up for a free introductory meeting! 

Nature Nurture Sweatlodge Ceremony

Nature Nurture Sweatlodge in cirkel PNG.png

Cleanse your body, mind and soul

With this sacred purification ceremony, you will experience a cleansing from body to soul and all levels in between. This ceremony helps you dive deeper into yourself, into oneness & connecting with all, into your new intentions and helps you release all the heavy burdens that do not serve you anymore (death of the ego). You will be reborn with new insights about yourself and closer to your centre. Kneel down into the womb of Mother Earth. Let the elements guide you through a deep meditation. Speak to Great Spirit, share of the weight on your soul, your gratitude, intentions and prayers. Connect with All That Is and come out reborn.

Here at the edge of the Noordlaarderbos (woods), on a property home to chickens, horses, cat's, dog's and and other human families, there's a Womb of Mother Earth with room for for ± 16 participants.

The whole ceremony takes ± 6 - 7 hours

The whole ceremony contains:
- Welcoming & introduction

- Placing intentions & prayers in the stones
- Building the fire, opening the Wind Directions & packing the womb
- Smudge ceremony (cleansing)
- The sacred purification ceremony inside the Womb
- A Potluck style feast afterwards

It's possible to stay over for the night. See the pricelist page for information & contact us.

Price: €80


Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Wholistic? Please contact us!

Get a taste of the ceremony... taking a look at these pictures

Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -37_Chapter 6 - sparks, fire and glow.jpg
Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -40_Chapter 6 - sparks, fire and glow.jpg
Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -08_Chapter 2 - inviting the fires.jpg
Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -21_Chapter 3 - warming up and sacred cleansing.jpg
Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -11_Chapter 2 - inviting the fires.jpg
Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -04_Chapter 1 - toes in the water.jpg
Gezondheidsdriehoek PNG.png

Curious about Nature Nurture Wholistic? Contact us for a free and informal introductory meeting!

Extra Financial Information

Activities involving dietetics are covered by healthcare and are therefore reimbursed by some health insurance policies. Inform your health insurance company whether and to what extent costs are reimbursed.


Are you not financially strong at the moment? Contact us! Then we can see from there what the possibilities are. We know what it's like to get by with little finances and don't want you to feel inhibited by your own financial situation.

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