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Yoni/Lingam Steaming Bench

Contact, embrace and take care of your devine portals & light wands

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Here you can take a look at the Yoni/Lingam steaming benches we create, with or without decoration.
Each Yoni/Lingam Steaming Bench will be put into production after you placed your order and each one is unique in their organic forms (curves) and possible artwork for they are handcrafted. We pay extra attention to soften and round every corner, for extra comfort!
You can either pick them up on our location or we can ship them to you.

Here is a bit of information about Yoni & Lingam Steaming, in case you just stumbled upon this page. For more information, you can always contact us. Yoni & Lingam are the Sanskrit words for the female and male reproduction organs, but also mean 'womb, origin, source' (yoni) and 'wand of light and power' (lingam). With this herbal infused steaming ritual you can give some nourishment and physical care for your yoni/lingam and is a safe way to give support to your body if you experiences these kind of symptoms/issues :  - stress - depression - hemorrhoids - infections - infertility - hormone imbalances - headaches - fatigue - digestive issues - generalized pain - cramps  - erectile dysfunction - abdominal discomfort - urine stream problems - colon problems (There is no scientific literature to support this other than the known effects of steam and herbs). Above all: it feels fantastic! Like a spa! With this ritual you can set intentions and make contact with your femininity/masculinity and gentle embrace and dive through psycological, emotional or energeretical blokkages and old trauma.


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Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Art & Living Yoni/Lingam Steaming Benches? Please contact us!

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