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Schedule Sweatlogde Ceremonies

The Sweatlodge Ceremony is part of Nature Nurture Wholistic

This schedule shows when we'll host a Sweatlodge Ceremony. Do take a good look at the title: it's not always a Regular Ceremony!
You can also stay for the night after a ceremony. See the pricelist for more information.

When signing-up, you agree to all the terms mentioned in the practicial information below and the Terms & Conditions

  • Private Sweatlogde Ceremony
    Private Sweatlogde Ceremony
    Het tijdstip wordt later bepaald
    Het tijdstip wordt later bepaald
    Noordlaren, Beslotenveenseweg 4, 9479 TL Noordlaren, Nederland
    Het tijdstip wordt later bepaald
    Noordlaren, Beslotenveenseweg 4, 9479 TL Noordlaren, Nederland
    Bring your own group and/or plan a custom sweatlodge ceremony on a day that works for you!

Practical information

Price €55
Your payment is bound to the day of the ceremony and upfront.


You are welcome 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. We encourage you to arrive a bit earlier. Please honor the start <3

Included in price

A regular ceremony will take about 6 - 7+ hours from start till end. This will include:
-    a short introduction with tea
-    placing intentions in the seeds (the stones)
-    building up and starting the fire
-    packing the womb with woolen blankets
-    a cleansing ritual
-    breathing life into the fire (singing, drumming, dancing, meditating etc.)
-    the ceremony in the womb with four continues rounds
-    a scrub (with your washing cloth) & shower
-    a meal afterwards (sharing & caring) --> We’ll serve from our own kitchen (homemade) a vegan soup, a whole wheat bread & dips.

Please read the Terms & Conditions! When participating, you agree to all that is mentioned.

Amount of participants

There is room for +/- 16 participants in the Womb of the Noorderlaarderbos.

What to bring

- Come as sober as possible: an empty stomach works the best!
- Bathrobe (preferably non-synthetic)
- Washing cloth
- Towel
- Flipflops
- Something for the mount of reverence, for example gemstones, objects from nature or jewelry or something else that symbolizes your centre or you want to charge/transform. You can take it back home afterwards!
- A prepared meal for the potluck (everyone will bring something, so don’t make it tooo big 😉)
- Feel free to bring instruments or anything that comes to mind that you think will add something, it probably will.

An option to use a shower, water, tea and other drinks that are available is included in the price!


When you are not able to join the ceremony and cancel well ahead, you will get 50% of your payment back. When cancelling within 48 hours of the ceremony, you will get no refund since all preparations are already been made. We ask and thank you for understanding. You will get a full refund if circumstances leave us to cancel the ceremony.

Stay over

More information: pricelist

It is possible to stay the night after the ceremony. You can book a place to sleep via the event on Hipsy. Information about the prices to stay the night can be found there, but also here on the 'pricelist' page.

Safety & Responsibility

We will do everything we can to guard your safety (safety measures regarding the fire and the hot stones, etc.), but there are always risks we cannot cover. You carry your own responsibility.

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