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Nature Nurture Bootcamp in cirkel PNG.png

Single Lesson                 €10*

12- lessons bundle          €110

Duration: 1 hour
Location: TBD, see event

* You can sign-up for a single lesson via the Events pagePayment = afterwards.


Work-out, fun, teamwork, outdoors

On our location, close to the Noordlaarderbos (forest), there is a barn that contains a simple yet effective gym with equipment to use when we feel like it or the weather is…wet! Come move with us: 2 motivated and adequate instructors who'll make use of the environment and her beautiful locations & the elements (water, for example!); -plan various wourk-outs & exercises that also involve teamwork to make a lively, adventurous, playful and contected/social training session for you. After a session you will feel in contact with your body, satisfied, powerful and very amused! All the bootcamp lessons will be announced as an event on the homepage. Check it out! It also contains information about the specific bootcamp lesson and location and what to wear & bring! Interested? Your first lesson is for free!

Nature Nurture Movement

Move your body, move your world

Here you find all the services we offer that are focused on physical activity. And most importantly: activities that are focused on FUN.
This way it comes from your flow and not from the attitude of 'I must do this because it's good for my health'. Ofcourse it is good for your health, but even more if it's comes from a place of joy and excitement!

As much outdoors as posible! We've got a simple, yet efficient and effective gym inside the shed that we can use, especcially when it's wet and rainy.

Resources that are available and activities we offer involving movement:

- Gym exercises, like weight lifting - Duo excersises - Cardio - Calhestanics - HIIT - Archery - Stand Up Paddleboarding - Kayaking - Playful attributes like balls, jumpropes, boomerang


    Take a look:    



Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Movement? Please contact us!

Wanna get warmed-up a little?

Take a look at these pictures!

30lbs boog.jpg

Extra Financial Information

Are you not financially strong at the moment? Contact us! Then we can see from there what the possibilities are. We know what it's like to get by with little finances and don't want you to feel inhibited by your own financial situation.

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