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Smudge Fans

For your cleansing rituals

Here you find all the smudge fans we have in stock.

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Name: Boreal - Arctic Climate; Northern

Bird species: Scottish ptarmigan - Lagopus lagopus scotica

Gems: Rock crystal; Hematite (Maria Magdalena); Magnetite; Emerald; Aquamarine.
Cannot be used or kept in very warm environments! I used hotglue, which will turn soft again when the temperatures are too hot. Which in a way fits very well with her origins and name: Northern!

Discription: Boreal carries the feathers of a deceased Scottish

Ptarmigan, found on a barren mountain in the Scottish Cairngorms National Park. After asking premission of the Soul of this bird, I carefully took the feather in the promose to make a beautiful ceremonial smudge fan from her remains. She has snow on the top of the wooden stick, with a trail of little footprints going up to her feathery crown. The feathers are attached to an icy-looking bridge, from where Rock Crystals emerges from both sides (front and back). Following her body down, she wears few more Rock Crystals, Hematiet, Magnetite and an Emerals. Around the middle of her wooden body, the snow stops. A handgrip has been made from blue and white cotton rope.At the very bottom of her body emerges an Aquamarine.



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