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Nature Nurture Vibrant

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Nature Nurture Vibrant is a session with all kinds of healing frequencies and tools (with healing properties on multible levels of Being). The goal is to activate your self healing abilities and stimulate your whole being with balanced frequencies: healing any disturbed frequencies on different levels due to physical, emotional or mental stress. It will help you find balance on all levels and bring you in a deep state of relaxation and connection with Self.

Price                       40

Duration: 1 hour
Location: on location

How does it work?

What can I expect during Nature Nurture Vibrant session?

A Nature Nurture Vibrant session takes about one hour (+/- 60 min).


We will start with an intake, checking in how your are feeling (body, mind, emotions, soul) and what your needs are at the moment.
From this conversation on we will tune in what kind of session will be best for you:
frequency healing, meditation, working with herbs, aroma's, smugding, stones, cards, quiet, touch, with sound & music, etc.

For example: you feel the need to relax, invite your body to rest in order to feel more grounded after the session and you would like to invite yourself to feel a little more energetic. Based on this need, I suggest that you lie down comfortably and hold a smoky quartz, I connect you to the Healy and turn on the 'Energy' program. While the Healy does the frequency therapy of about 50 minutes, I sit next to you and give you a guided meditation - a Yoga Nidra with (until the end of the session) some sounds of the singing bowl and the wind chime while I sing softly. When the Healy is ready, we get our body moving again for a moment and close the session verbally.


Tools and practises we could use during the session


(Healy) frequency therapy

Healy is a frequency therapy device that can support you on multiple layers of Being, like the physical, emotional, energetical and more. There a specific and overal programs that can be used, according to your needs at the moment of use.
We also have other tools that help activate your body's self-healing capacity due to frequencies.

Yoni/Lingam Steaming

A steaming ritual to connect with you feminine/masculine power. Let the herbs from the tea do their magic while sitting on a bench above the steam and go into meditation to connect to your body and your source.

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Smudging - a energetic cleansing ritual - is to cleanse the energies and also to help communicate and strenghten the connection with spirit. It can be done with different kinds of herbs, wood and amber.

Gemstones & music instruments

Gemstones carry their own (healing) frequencies and messages that will support you back to your Center if it calls to you during the session. Music and singing soothes and heals body, mind and soul. 

Card reading

If you have a question, or just want to ask for a gift of the universe, we can pull a card so it may help you reflect on your current path in klife and whatever it hold for you.


Do you have any questions or want more information about Nature Nurture Vibrant? Please contact us!

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