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I will bring you live music during the 1 Day Medicine Reatreat: I will play the guitar & drums and my voice will guide you, in synergy with Bodil's- deeper into the journey that the plant medicin's will take you.

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Hey, I'm Hauke,

born in 1995 in a small city next to Bremen (Germany) I fell in love with Groningen during my studies and decided to stay in this beautiful city full of bikes, "eierballen" and lovely people :) My original motivation to come here was the progressive and interdisciplinary study program Liberal Arts and Sciences which allowed me to freely follow my academic interests and dive into subjects such as psychology, philosophy, and religious studies. 
Finishing my studies but dealing with constant overstimulation, headaches, and neck pain I was forced to slow down in life, making some rather big changes and realizing that I'm quite sensitive in a number of ways but that I had totally neglected that part in me. I decided to go more into embodied learning and followed my passion for music, which gave me a lot of space to create, feel, and express..  which slowly released the stored-up energy/tension in my body and brought me on a journey to explore myself emotionally/ spiritually. 
Now four years later it is my intention to open up and share (musically) what I have discovered in me, and to embark on this healing journey together with the people and community around me. It is my strong belief that this is a crucial step for our society and planet if we want to have a chance to tackle the many global challenges that we are facing today. 
It is my absolute honor to assist in spaces where true healing can happen, where people have the courage to look inward and discover the beauty that's lying underneath our conditioning, traumas, or whatever else we have accumulated over the years that keeps us from living from truth and love. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Do you have anymore questions, regarding this event or otherwise? And I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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