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di 08 aug



Lionsgate Portal Sauna Experience

Let yourself sink into relaxation; feel your body; feel the heat; feel the energy of this high frequency that is beaming our way through the alingment of our sun & spirital sun: Sirius + the alignment of the 3 stars that vorm the Orion belt. Let's celebrate life and release twith roars!

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Lionsgate Portal Sauna Experience
Lionsgate Portal Sauna Experience

Time & Location

08 aug 2023 18:30 – 22:30

Noordlaren, Beslotenveenseweg 4, 9479 TL Noordlaren, Netherlands

About the event

🦁✨🔥Lionsgate Portal Sauna Experience🔥✨🦁

Living room style, loving, cozy, relaxed

This evening we sink into relaxation & wellness while we invite and feel the high frequency of the Lionsgate energy that is peaking on this day and let it flow through us during this sauna experience and cleanse, feel through, liberate & vocally express emotions, meditate, shake, dance & movement and add our voices to the drum. All while we are relaxing and connecting with ourselfes and eachother in the sauna & garden/livingroom. The warmth, music, voices & instruments, scenses, colors, your body and the company of all fellow full moon sauna participants will guide you to your depth and nourish you. Let it bring you into a higher state of being! Because that's why this high frequency is here for: personal & spiritual growth!

There is room for max 7 participants. So, get your ticket soon before they are sold out!

What to expect:

- tea & snacks

- music and nice lightning

- First Sauna Round:  a prayer to the Spirit of the Fire (incl ready-made Prayer Paper) + a smudge cleansing & Lionsgate Meditation

- Cooldown Round 1: OSHO Kundalini Shake Meditation

- Second Sauna Round: aufguß (löyly) with a lot of heat and wonderful scents to connect with this high frequency of the Lionsgate Portal!

- Cooldown Round 2: Movement, dance!

- Third Sauna Round: the Lions Roar: Drumming and vocal release!

- Cooldown Round 3: cooldown while lying comfortable on the ground with soothing music

- lots of relaxation

- pull a card

What to bring:

To keep this evening as accessible for everyone as possible (low price, relaxed atmossphere), the snacks are in potluck style

- snacks

- towel(s)

- flip-flops

- bathrobe

- (optional) waterbottle

- (optional) drums or other fiery instruments if you feel a yes!


The investment is €15 fot the ticket beforehand and afterwards you can donate according to what you feel it is worth (cash or with payment request).

By buying a ticket you agree to all aplied terms & conditions, like the cancellation policy.

P.s.: we live with animals, like cats and birds! (Allergies and sensitivities)

Please keep in mind that the programm is sensitive to run-out and take longer than planned! We want to get into a relaxed atmossphere💗

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