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Bodil & Jeremy
Vlaar - van Groningen à Stuling

We'll be your spaceholders during the whole day of the 1 Day Medicine Reatreat. Bodil will sing for you and you can lean on Jeremy in times of need!
You can read our collective story here. If you want to read more about our individual stories, please click on our names in the title.

Hi there, we are Bodil and Jeremy!

We've been partners for like forever: 16 years! Husband & Wife and man, we are still só deeply in love with eachother! And we complement each other perfectly.
So, we are partners for life and also in many activities of Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina (Bodil's Holistic Lifestyle Center).
We have an enormous love for nature: it connects everything and can bring us back to our own pace, tranquility and the here and now. Also alot of adventure, joy & peace!
What we have learned from life and our experiences is that everything in life is connected and nothing arises or lives separately from the whole. This is what you can also expierence during (our) ceremonies.

Bodil created Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina to holistically guide people to a better lifestyle and personal growth through nutrition, physical movement & relaxation and ceremonies as close to (your) nature as possible.

Within this journey of our business, our great guides: life & the universe, brought us the Sweatlodge Ceremonies, which we host since 2021. And next to that, we build our own sauna and we made our own creation with the sauna aswell: the 🌑New & Full🌕 Moon Sauna Rituals (and more experiences are in the making and being created as we speak!). The energy is really flowing there. Next to that we (spontaneously and pre-planned) co-create beautiful events with other facilitators (like Jeroen, Elina & Hauke!).
Whatever our 'purpose and gifts' in life are, are hard to discribe in words but we are definitly using it while hosting ceremonies and events! (This is what we get back as feedback from participants, whom we are so grateful!)

And ofcourse there is so much more. We are looking forward to meet you!


Do you have anymore questions, regarding this event or otherwise? And we're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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