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Medicine & Wellness

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||| Cacao, Rapé & Sananga Ceremony ||||

||| September 24 2023 |||

||| Investment: €66 + donation |||

We take you on a journey to create balance and connect deeper with different aspects of yourself, such as the physical, emotional & mental body.
Connect with the spirits of the chackra's & the Four Elements, grief and all the other emotions alive in you and express through dance!
The day consists of sacred Cacao, Rapé and Sauna ceremonies. Guided by different meditations, beautiful live music and a team of space holders to make you feel held, safe and warm.

The event is hosted at a beautiful farm next to the "Noordlaarderbos" (woods). You are surrounded by pets, animals on the property, wild birds and pure nature.
Due to this unique location, it is much easier to connect with Mother Nature and your vulnerable heart. 

The collective goal of Unity Medicine, Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina and all other facilitators involved in this event is to create a safe and loving space where you can let go of aspects that are not serving you any longer and connect to deeper parts of yourself. This will be done in a group of beautiful like-minded people to remind you that you're not alone in this.
At the end of the day we hope you feel more empowered, grounded, connected to your body and loving towards yourself and the rest of the world 💚

|||    Included in price:    |||

|||   Bring from home:   |||

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Rapé Ceremony

  • Sananga Ceremony

  • vocale- & musical guidance

  • drinks ( water, tea, coffee)

  • Food for the potluck (snacks and diner)

  • a blanket

  • a (meditation) pillow

  • a ‘tool’ for the altar*


  • a towel (there is a swimming pool)

*think of gemstones, objects from nature, photo's and objects from everyday life that are present in your life right now or represent a certain theme or proces you are going through. There's no right or wrong.


  • 11:00 Reception

  • 11:30 Welcome & Introduction


  • 12:30 Cacao Ceremony

  • 14:00 Rapé Ceremony

  • 16:00 Potluck


  • 17:00 Sauna Ritual

  • 20:00 Closing off & Farewell's

*This is a rough time indication to give you an idea of what the day will look like. The program could turn out to have different begin or end-times, due to flow and the unpredictable aspects.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 12.09.41

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 12.09.41

Powwow drum

Powwow drum



Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -24_Chapter 3 - warming up and sacred cleansing

Sweatlodge Bodil n Jeremy - 22-04-2022 -24_Chapter 3 - warming up and sacred cleansing



Al Dat Is

Al Dat Is

Reel_Sauna GIF

Reel_Sauna GIF

Water, wolk, regenboog

Water, wolk, regenboog

||| Program* |||

||| Facillitators & Contact|||

Here is some information about all of us: your hosts and facilitators for this magical journey! For questions, comments, or the passing on of important information, such as a medical condition of which we would like to be informed, please contact us. Below you will find all information for contact and the location where the event will take place. You can also take a look at our websites and social media who we are! Each name and item is clickable and will open a different page for you in a separate tab.

||| Location |||

On a dirt road, in a yard shared with other residents, chickens, cats, dogs, horses and all that lives around us. On the edge of the Noordlaarderbos. Full of nature and life!

The housenumber is marked on the dark green mailbox, a white '4' can be seen. You can park the car on the roadside in front of the yard. You can recognize the house by the green stable and barn. The house itself is white (and old). Our front door is at the back of the house, so you have to walk into the yard and around the house (towards the backyard).


There is a busstop in Glimmen (Oude Schoolweg). It's a 20 minute walk from there to the location.

You can chose to walk through the apple orchard next to the Appelbergen. I think this is the route Google Maps will guide you through!
If need be, when can pick you up, if you give us a heads up!

||| The Event |||

  • Fire & Ice: a powerful combination  (September)
    Fire & Ice: a powerful combination  (September)
    vr 01 sep
    01 sep 2023, 17:00 CEST – 03 sep 2023, 16:00 CEST
    Noordlaren, Beslotenveenseweg 4, 9479 Noordlaren, Nederland
    01 sep 2023, 17:00 CEST – 03 sep 2023, 16:00 CEST
    Noordlaren, Beslotenveenseweg 4, 9479 Noordlaren, Nederland
    Back to (your true) nature! With camping on the fields close to the forest, Sweatlodge Ceremony, Ice bath & Breath Workshop, archery & yoga, healthy & tasty food and much much more.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to our terms and conditions. Read this carefully. For example, cancellation conditions apply.

||| Additional information  |||

|||   About the ceremonies   |||
Rapé, administered by Jeroen Eefting, is known as a healing substance for thousands of years by the old native tribes from the Amazon rainforest.
Rapé is the ash of the tobacco plant; Nicotiana Rustica. This plant is seen as holy by the Shaman. First the plant got cut in little pieces, dried during a holy ritual above the fire and when dry, grinded.
Rapé is meant to cleanse your physical, emotional and mental bodies. It gives you the opportunity to alter your state of conciousness. Rapé is not a hallucinogen, so it won’t show you things that are not there but you will feel more connected with your innerworld and the world around you.
After the ceremonie you might experience clearity in your thinking/thoughts, your emotional state might shift and you might be in closer connection with your breathing.
During the ceremony physical and emotional sensations might come up as; shaking, crying, vomiting or the need to shout. Remember, this is all part of the proces.

Also Sacred Cacao, given by Elina Bakker, is seen as a plant medicine with healing capacities for thousands of years by the old tribes from the Amazon.
The Sacred Cacao helps you to connect with your physical body as with your heart. Just as Rapé the Sacred Cacao will help you to brighten your awereness and tap into a alterned state of conciousness without hallucinations. Together with the meditations, Sacred Cacao will help you show you your patterns, cultivate more self-love and more acceptance to the things around you.
Keep your aura and mind open, listen well and don’t rush to solutions and conclusions. This way the Sacred Cacao might help you on your path to personal growth

With the help of the shamanic drums and angel like vocals, given by Hauke Bruns and Bodil van Groningen à Stuling - Vlaar. They will create an atmospheric soundscape during the whole day, so you’ll be more likely to dive easily into your inner being.

To close the day and ceremonies off, a sauna event will be given by Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina & Jeremy Vlaar. This Sauna Ritual helps you reflect, give gratitude and thanks, reconnect with your body and the present moment, give you a deep warmth, physical nourishment, relaxation and wellness!

|||   Terms & Conditions*   |||
*The Terms and Conditions described below are related to this Co-creation and go together with the already existing Terms and Conditions of Nature Nurture by Bodil Aina 

This event is a PILOT!

At this ceremony you are invited to express
your true Being. Nudity is allowed. If sexual arousel comes up, we ask you to move this energy linear to your own body and don't spread it to the outside.
Photos can be taken for promotional purposes. These will only be distributed with your permission. This is a guarantee that we want to give you so that you feel safe in the sacred state in which we want to guide you.

You're not allowed to participate in a Rapé ceremony:
- during pregnancy &/or breastfeeding
- high/low blood pressure
- heart complaints
- thyroid disorders
- kidney diseases
- depression
- nervousness
- MAO inhibitors and other medicines
if you have other physical or mental complaints, you should discuss this with your therapist or general practitioner.

The responsibility is and remains your own.

We'll also send you a question list to answer, in this way we make sure it's totally safe for you to participate in the ceremonie.

The day before the Rapé ceremony you are not allowed to use alcohol or hard drugs. Come to the ceremony with clean a system (body). Respect the medicines.

Cancellation Policy
When canceling > 48 hours, the participant is entitled to a 50% refund.
If you cancel within 48 hours, the participant will not receive a refund.

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